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We’re All Ears (and Noses, and Navels, and Eyebrows…) for You!

Curious About Aftercare?

We’ve got your back (and your front, and wherever else you’ve got pierced!). Proper care is key to rocking your new bling with confidence, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your aftercare questions.

Got a question tickling your mind?

Wondering about our latest e-shop treasures or itching to know more about our body piercing services? Whether you’re dreaming about your next piercing, need some advice on aftercare, or just want to chat about the coolest trends in body art, we’re here with open ears and warm hearts.

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Let’s make it a date! Tell us when you’d like to drop by and we’ll ensure you get the VIP treatment. Whether it’s your first piercing or you’re adding another to your collection, our team is excited to meet you.

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